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2020. 9. 17. · 𐐪⊹ [Kuroo Tetsurou x Reader] A compilation of one shots revolving around my favourite Haikyuu character, Kuroo Tetsurō. Ranging in variety, these are simply manifestations of my dreams and vivid imagination. I hope you'll enjoy reading them as much as I do writing them! ♡.

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  • Anime/Manga Romance Abuse Anime Haikyuu Kuroo Tetsur Meet Hiyori Wasamote. She's a very shy girl who lives with her foster mum and is also her trainer. When Hiyori starts going to school with her best friends, Nanami Sanji to karasuno, she happens to join the volleyball team as a manager along with Nanami, Kiyoko Shimizu and Hitoka Yachi. Dally x reader x sodapop lemon. 2016 ranger z522d for sale; pivot table in python pandas; ocean city death; alchemy hypixel skyblock; shaka player m3u8; c1ick presets; kingfisher fastwater; hs2 mod pack; dasher direct paypal; intervals intersection leetcode; netgear nighthawk. Love knows not its depth (until the hour of separation) pairing: Kuroo x f! reader genre: angst / fluff, post timeskip! warnings: a tiny smudge of suggestive content wc: 4.9k m.list ~ taglist. ~. a/n: this is my rendition of a grown up Kuroo. life has been a little hectic for me recently, so i'm only getting around to posting it now. pls be kind and i hope y'all love it <3. It wasn’t long after we stepped inside that I heard very loud screaming. “KIYOKO-SAN!”. Two boys began running towards us insanely fast. One had a shaved head and was quite tall. The other was shorter and had his hair spiked up. The shorter one also had a lock of blond hair right in the center of his forehead. Kageyama x reader lemon jealous anyway what happens next is up to u my dear sawamura leia find my sfw works here -> find my upcoming works here Aoba Johsai-> find it here “1 Originally posted by theamazingfeeling Kuroo, Iwa, Oikawa and Akaashi getting teased by s/o who isn’t wearing panties Soulmate AU Haikyuu!!x Reader oneshots! 44. Search: Haikyuu X Reader. 2021. 1. 24. · Conyo | Kuroo filo!smau-> Being a freelance photographer is tough. So when Y/N's cousin, Kenma, gave her an offer to be the lead photographer for a friend's wedding, she did not turn it down. What she didn't know, though, is that she will be working with Kuroo Tetsuro - her jejemon ex-suitor.

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    Sakura Blossom ( Kny X Modern! Reader ) 106 parts. Ongoing. Y/N was just an ordinary person from the 21st century, she didn't expect to wake up in an anime whe... Ho Hey - Eddie Munson. 62 parts. Ongoing. In which Adira Harrington, younger sister of Steve Harrington and the Queen of Hawkins High falls u.